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Please help! Translate and pronounce!

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  • Please help! Translate and pronounce!

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone can break down and explain how to pronounce Ceann a' Mhlidh
    and could possibly help with the translation, it's meant to be Gaelic for kinmylies which is an area I'm from in the city of Inverness, and it's meant to mean Head of the Warriors, can anyone confirm this? Thank you in advance if anyone helps me out with this would be much appreciated

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    Tha thu ceart gu ler gu bheil e a' ciallachadh "head of the warrior" agus chuir mi dragh air mo shrn carson a tha an t-ainm seo aige. Youre right enough that it means "head of the warrior" and Im curious as to why it has this name. In Gaelic, you don't say "the head of the warrior" or "the house of the man" but rather "house of the man" and "head of the warrior". "Cean" can be found in other place names around Scotland such as Mull of Kintyre ("Maol Chinn Tre").


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      Ok, thank you for your time, And can you tell me how to say it? Can you spell it as it sounds? I'm getting it tattoo'd so when people ask what it says I want to be able to pronounce it properly lol


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        "kyaown a mheelegh" is the nearest I can type to show how it sounds Jason, with the "gh" being like the French R sound but at the end off the word. I would suggest that you consider first of all studying Gaelic before the tattoo and become part of the growing body of learners in Scotland and then later, when you have more familiarity with sayings and expressions, choose something youd like to have tattooed, and you'll be able to pronounce it and have a feel for what it means and why it means what it means.


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          Ok. Thank you very much for your help and thank you for the advice


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            'S e do bheatha. Yer walcome