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help needed from gaelic speakers to name my house

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  • help needed from gaelic speakers to name my house

    Hello! I'm a Cameron living in Canada, and want to name my 150 year old stone house that sits atop a small hill. I've found the words Taigh Cnoc and Clach as potential words to use in describing my house. I'm not sure of the following things:
    -are there more appropriate words to describe a stone house on a hill
    -what order should the words be in
    -do I need other 'joining words' like 'on the' or 'of the' to join all the words together in a way that makes sense?


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    Very few of us are actually Scottish on this US-owned site. And even fewer of us actually speak Gaelic. .

    There are a couple of Gaelic speakers, but they seldom visit nowadays.


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      Alternatively you could just not name your house. Because it's a house. And therefore does not require a name . . .


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        Hi Mary

        Ignore mikeyBoab. He has no soul. I once bought a house for a dog and named the house after the dog.

        Sadly I don't speak Gaelic, but I can google it.

        There is an interesting site at Gaelic/Irish house names and their meanings that might help. HNH Gaelic/Irish House Names and Meanings

        Or from your own clan site - Crooked Hill: From the Gaelic "cam," once again meaning "crooked," "bent" or "hook" and "brun," meaning "hill." This name, "Cambrun," was popular in Fife, and if not categorically connected with the Camerons of the Highlands, may be the source of "Lowland" Cameron surname in some instances.

        And we non Gaelic speaking scots have been known to use names such as Hameildaeme. itsmahoos, manoohoos or thisildaemae.

        Another possible suggestion is to name your house after a hill or mountain in your ancestral area. Here in NZ the Maori (most of them with Scottish ancestors) recite their heritage to include the river and the mountain. Those things are vitally important to their identity. (Where I live was settled by Clan Cameron). Naming your house after a hill or mountain of your ancestral land will give you that link back in time. Many Camerons were from the Lochaber area and there are some beautiful names there.

        You will instinctively know it when you find the right name.


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          You're right; I am sorry.

          I shall name my house "Steve". Or perhaps "Donna". How do I know if my house is a girl or a boy??


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            Tut.... It's obvious. Frilly curtains = female. Plain wans, male


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              Donna it is then!


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                Geez mikeyBoab

                Not only is yoor hoos a wummin, it's an Italian wummin.

                Donna is the italian word for lady. People (or hooses) with this name have a deep inner need for quiet, and a desire to understand and analyze the world they live in, and to learn the deeper truths.

                So nae cuttin yer toenails on the rug, or hae'en the TV blarin its heid aff.

                She widnae like that ye ken. :