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A petition for a standard spelling

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  • A petition for a standard spelling

    Here is a link to a petition for Scots to have a standard spelling. it holds no biased towards any existing proposals but seeks to raise awareness of the issue and hopefully let people know that this is an important matter. Also a friend of mine may be meeting Nicola Sturgeon and they will pass a letter onto her about the issue, this petition will be mentioned. and any comments left on it will be collected onto said letter. So if you should Scots spelling should be standardised then put your name down

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    You seem fixated that YOUR standard spelling is the way forward. I don't agree.


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      the petition is just for there to be a standard but not for which one. A friend pointed out how it looked like it was pushing mines so I put in the update other options (I couldn't edit the post after I made it). sorry if it seamed bias

      The reason being that the language stands a better chance of survival with a standard spelling. People find it hard to take a language seriously if they can't even. Also for official purposes and education ect a standard spelling would come in handy.


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        Sorry, I've been scrievin an spierin in Lallans online fur mony years. Your style isnae mine, son...
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          No disrespect TreehuggerLad but you need to improve your grammar. The correct spelling of a word is pointless if the grammar does not make sense and your post has a lack of both.

          I also had a look at your petition site and was dismayed at the use of Scots to describe a language. Scots is not an adjective. Scottish is. Scot and Scots are used to describe a person from Scotland. Sadly in today's society we have become lazy and bad grammar is widely accepted in today's modern society.

          But what was even more disturbing was the use of the American spelling for the word standardization. It would appear the petition site is incapable of standardising the English language so it was good to see the correct spelling of the word in your post.

          We only use the z when communicating with American business partners or contacts, not when communicating within the UK.


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            I use Zs and Ss randomly because English cannae make up its mind. I think he has a good point about a standard orthography for Scots if its going t be a language rather than a way of speaking English.


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              Originally posted by smaoin View Post
              I use Zs and Ss randomly because English cannae make up its mind. I think he has a good point about a standard orthography for Scots if its going t be a language rather than a way of speaking English.
              randomly using different letters doesnt make good orthography


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                American orthography may or may not be good, but it is part of the global English language or languages today. Should Americans have no say in whether Scots has a separate orthography to Modern English?


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                  inserting random letters into the spelling of words does not make good orthography in any language, in any country.
                  An orthography is the methodology of writing a language. It includes rules of spelling, hyphenation, capitalization, word breaks, emphasis, and punctuation.

                  The conventional spelling system of a language
                  therefor what you are doing in your "standardisation" is the total opposite of the meaning.

                  and yes Americans (or anyone else) should not have a say in how MY language is written.

                  out of interest where abouts in scotland do you live?


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                    Who says its your language? Maybe they speak it too?


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                      i say its my language.

                      its the language of my home land, the place i live, the place my family have lived for eons so we wont be changing it.

                      for any reason


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                        Languages are constantly changing so your ancestors would have been incomprehensible to you. Its also true thatthere are Scots speakers across the world today such as in the following anecdote:

                        " Ah'm a first generation Canadian wha was brocht up in a hame whaur Scots (braid Ayrshire) wis spokken bi ma grandpairents whan they wis gaithered thegither wi their auld freens fae Scotland, muckle o the time. My grandfaither wis born an raised in Tarbowton, Ayrshire, (born. 1895), foucht in WW1 in Gallipoli. He managed tae survive the war, and gaed hame tae Ayrshire, got mairriet, and cam tae Canada wi ma mither, wha wis juist a year auld bairn, in 1921. Mither passit awa in 2009, an sin then Ah've taen a gey interest in the tung, though I kent monie o the auld wurds and kent the Ayrshire accent fae listenin tae the baith o ma grandfowk whan I wis a callan. Mum niver gaed back tae Scotland, but I'd like tae gang there wi ma wife ( nee Buchanan) some time in the neist 2-5 year. So tae lairn the leid, I've been readin ( Scots N.T by Lorimer, short stories an aw, Electric Scotland wabsteid, Scots Language Centre wabsteid, an muckle mair, an o coorse this Facebook site, listenin tae Billy Kay on YouTube). Nou I've taen a interest in the Doric an aw, an ay enjoy listenin tae "Scotland the What" on YouTube wi Buff Hardie and Steve Robertson, lauchin ma heid aff!! Sae there ye hae it fae me, as a Non-Scot. Lang live the Scots Tung!"



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                          seen it all before...people trying to tell us how we should write n gonna happen mate...lived here all my life n no one is going to change how people communicate

                          no matter how romantic or Genealogyisticky your going to try and make your argument its just not how it happens in the actual place....and never will.



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