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I need your help Gaelic speaking people :)

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  • I need your help Gaelic speaking people :)

    Hey guys,

    actally I am a German student and I want to write a term paper about the Gaelic language and about the different motivational aspects of people to learn or to speak it. Maybe you can tell me your reasons and inducements?
    Thank you very much for your help!
    Cheers Franzi

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    i know some but not much, my mum spoke it sometimes so i picked bits up over the years.

    there seems to be a bit of a drive for people to learn it now and a few of my mates have taken classes but were i live you very rarely hear it spoken.


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      Hal Franzi. Rinn mi co dhnadh an cnan ag ionnsachadh air sgths gur ann Albannach a tha mi is gur ann an doigh an t eachdraidh niseanta nas fhearr a tuigsinn air mo shn a tha e . Hallo Franzi. Ich entschied die Sprache zu lernen weil sie und ich Schottisch sind und sie der Weg um Geschichte besser zu verstehen mir anbietet.

      Co dhi, tha torr charaidean Gearmailtaich agam a tha iadsan ga ionnsachadh cuideachd agus tha e air a teagasg aig an Olthigh Bhonn. Also ich habe viele Deutsche Freunde die sie auch studieren und die ist in der Universitaet in Bonn unterrichtet.

      Hello Franzi, I decided to learn Gaelic because it and I are Scottish and it gives me a way to understand Scottish history better. I have many German friends who also study Gaelic and its taught at the University of Bonn.


      Deagh dhrachdan,



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        This group is run by a teacher of Gaelic at Bonn University (Michael Klevenhaus) and his classes are available for non registered students.