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Where can I learn the "native Scotch" from America?

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  • Where can I learn the "native Scotch" from America?

    I am an American who loves anything and everything having to do with Scotland. It is my lifes ambition to learn the musical and poetic speech of the Scotts. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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    Well, that rather depends on what you mean by the poetic language of the Scots? Do you mean the Gaelic or Lallans/Auld Scots/Doric, eg the language of Robert Burns (and others)?

    BTW - Scottish people are either Scottish or Scots (one 'T') - Scott is a surname.


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      hello paulner

      first thing i suggest you do is buy yourself a scots dictionary.

      with this you would want to get yourself a couple of language learning cassetes or cds.sure there out there somewhere.

      the good thing about learning scots is some of the words are the same as english, and lots that aint are similar enough to get the gist.

      and the real beauty of scots is most is written the same way as spoken.

      examples are

      doon = down
      awa = away
      dinnie = dont
      ken = know
      aboot = about
      heid = head

      so ya see at least 70% i reckon of scots starts with the same first letter as its english counterpart.

      also understand the diffrence between modern scots and old scots.

      old scots is like what rabbie burns wrote in and scots dont speak like that now, though many of the words are the same.the syntax is quite diffent.

      modern scots is spoken in the same structure as english is which makes it a lot easier to learn.

      i reccomend with the dictionary you also get yourself a few scots books.

      an ideal choice i think would be to get the movie trainspotting and get the book for it too this way you can compare the spoken to the written, though the movie dont follow the book word for word it will give you a very good idea of how the words sound. There are other movies of course and books in the scots launguage so just look around.

      its a pity there aint more movies but there made for mass audience mostly and thus are just scottish accents speaking in english.

      The movie trainspotting actuall has in the version for export subtitles so this can help greatly when buying it get the subtitled version. by the way dont think were all junky nutters like that movie just use it as a teaching aid.

      hope that helps you


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        Have a look at it should be of some help.