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    i know it's rude to ask people to translate from scottish Gaelic to english but i have some song titles to trnslate.

    Seeing as there are no auto transltors available on the internet and none of the dictionaries seem to have half of the the wprds in i would be grateful if someone fleunt in Scottish Gaelic to translate 12 song titles.

    They are from a 1976 album by the Lochies called North by North-West.

    1. Brosnachadh Do Na Gaidheil
    2. Leodhasach An Tir Chein
    3. Am Pocar
    4. Thoir Mo Shoraidh Thar An T-Saile
    5. Geamhradh 1961
    6. Bata Eilean Larmain
    7. Cnoc Caimbeul
    8. Am Biuthagan
    9. A Bhean Agam Fhin
    10. Mo Run-Sa Maili Bhoidheach
    11. Falt Trom, Trom, Dualach
    12. O Nach Till Thu Ruinn A Ris?

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    1. Encouragement to the Gaels (?)
    2. someone from Lewis in a foreign country
    3. the pocket (???????)
    4. searching my success across the ocean
    5. winter 1961
    6. the isle of larmain's boat
    7. Campbell's mountain/ hill
    8. The ?
    9. A wife with myself
    10. My love is Maili Bhoideachd
    11. Sad, sad, braided hair
    12. Will you return exposed

    Anam Ceilteach


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      Interesting.I know some of these.

      NO 1 I would use stronger language like exhortation or incitemnt cos its a Jacobite song, rallying the Gaels to the cause.
      In fact I think the correct classification might very well be "rallying song."

      No 2.Lewisman in a Foreign Country

      N03.(Could you show me the lyrics please.. not sure of this word but it might be a humorous song using the slang " pocar" for poker( as in poker for the fire)

      No4.Convey My Greetings Over The Sea

      No.8 Biuthagan is the yolk of an egg but, again, I suspect it is a humorous song and Biuthagan might be a nickname of a person.

      Nicknames are used a lot in Lewis (where this band comes from)

      No 9.Tricky use of " agam" in this context, Eiric.It is not used as a preposition here.. it means

      My Own Wife

      N0 10

      My Love is Bonnie Maili(Maili is Mary sometimes...or Marjorie)

      No 11

      Heavy,heavy braided( or curled) Hair

      No 12.Wont You Return Love Again?

      Hope this is helpful.

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        I think "Will you return exposed" is a much catchier title than "Won't you return love again"


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          Wishful thinking on someone's part!LOL

          No 8...just noticed it's a different word from the one I thought.
          Yolk of an egg would be "buidheagan".

          " biug" means difficulty in speech so I dont know if it's a reference to a stutterer.
          I'd be interested to know.