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Eiric - a little help, u seem to know alot

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  • Eiric - a little help, u seem to know alot


    i'm after a translation for my name. me heritage lies in scotland and i want to know how my name might translate in gaelic, if it even does at all
    its Leah Rye McAllister

    i'm also really interested in learning the languge and was curious if you or anyone knew of any places i could go to in australia.

    thanx leah

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    I already responded to you in another thread..did you delete it??
    Oh well...what do I know...??


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      I can look up a translation

      MacAllister is NicAlasdair, anyway.

      Comunn Gidhlig Astrailia is a good thing. Search on the web, I donae know the address...
      Anam Ceilteach


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        Not ALL names would have a Gaelic 'equivalent' - particularly so in the case of Biblical names (very often they are the same) and in the case of some of the more off-the-wall modern names, like Wendy, Britney etc!


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          another quick question

          i know that not all names will have a gaelic equivalant. in any case could someone let me know what 'weary' and or 'tired' and 'rye' as in the wheat are in gaelic. ta


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            Leah is actually Irish Gaelic... it means "Light of the Sun"

            Rye: Righ, a anglification of King, but if it's rye in the wheat it's Seagal

            So Leah Righ/Seagal NicAlasdair

            tired: sgth
            weary: sgth/claoidh
            Anam Ceilteach


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              What a handle!!


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                2 things, My name is scottish in origin. my last name happens to be Jimerson. apparently, it is the anglized version of the Gaelic Seamis. can anyone tell me the accurasy of this? and 1 more thing, i am Irsh, scottish, castillian spanish, and german. in terms of white ethnic groups, like celts, and all that, what does all that make me?


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                  from my research, i have found out that Jimerson is basically Son of James, or in Gaelic, Seamis. apparantly, this name belongs to a group of families that are a part of the royal house of Stewart (or Stuart). is there anyway to prove that i'm desendaed from either Robert the Bruce or Queen Mary of Scots? or even the queen of England?


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                    Och ma tha... If you could make a genealogical (spelling)tree which shows that you are a relative then there ye go...
                    Anam Ceilteach