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    This is directed to any Scottish Highland resident. I will be traveling to the highlands in May of this year. I was wondering if it would be helpful to have a relative working knowledge of Gaelic, or does everyone pretty much speak English? I am certainly willing to learn, as I want to avoid any communication problems. Any suggestions or advice on the matter? Thank anyone, in advance, for any help.

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    Hi there and welcome to And a Happy New Year to you. I think I can safely say that if you find someone that cannot speak English then it will be a language toher than Gaelic. Sad to say, gaelic is not widely spoken these days so have no worries on the language front.


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      Thank You

      Thank you for responding, alanmckechnie. I appreciate the input. I agree that it is sad that Gaelic is not as strong as it should be. It is a language as beautiful as the country. Of course, when I recently discovered my family ties to Scotland, and that those ties are not far back, I have to admit I swelled with pride, and wanted just to learn about that side of me, including the language. I really just didn't know where to begin. I'm so looking forward to my trip there in May. I just know that what I see with my eyes will be so much more than what I can imagine. I just feel it. Well, I could really ramble about Scotland all day long, so I'll let you go now. Thank you again.