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Help with Scottish words please

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    A "wee minding" is how you would describe a gift given for no particular reason. One use of the word "mind" is to remember something or someone, or to call them to memory.

    A "minding", then, can be a keepsake, or something given which may not be particularly valuable in itself, but is an indication that the recipient has been in the giver's thoughts, *or* to bring the giver to the thoughts of the recipient - a memento, maybe is one way to think about it.

    Unfortunately, I don't think that helps..

    Was your aunt maybe expecting to receive something - a keepsake of some kind from the estate of her sister? A bit of jewellery, or something?

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  • grannymum
    started a topic Help with Scottish words please

    Help with Scottish words please

    Could someone help me interpret a message from an elderly Aunt please. She has been expecting a "wee minding" from her sister (who passed away 2 years ago) and is wondering what has happened to it. We have no idea to what she is referring to. Any ideas please?