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any volunteers for an interview?

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  • any volunteers for an interview?


    I'm a Dutch student and I'm studying English Language and Culture. I'm currently doing a project about accents for my course Phonology, which means that one of the things I have to do is interview native British speaking people. I need two more volunteers and then I'm all done!
    I have a form that can be filled in and it consists of 17 questions. Who would like to help me?

    You can email me at:

    I will send a Word-attachment back as soon as possible.



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    I actually just need one more volunteer. I know I was a bit vague in my post, so I thought I'd just post the questions here. My project is about non-RP accents and how they differ from RP. The answers of these interviews are used to get a better view on people's opinions on RP. We won't use any personal information in the presentation.
    If you would like to help me, that would be great. You can post your answers here or email them to me:

    You don't have to give very elaborate answers. Short, direct answers are okay.


    1. Name:

    3. Date of birth:

    4. Place of birth:

    5. Education:

    6. Current job:

    7. How would you describe your own accent?

    8. Do you always use the same accent?

    9. Has the way you pronounce English changed at all in the course of your life?

    10. Would you say your accent is the same as the accent your parents use?
    If not, is it because you changed your accent consciously?

    11. Do you feel that a person’s accent influences one’s judgement of that person, and if so, in what way?

    12. Do you have the feeling that you were once judged by your accent?

    13. Do you, yourself, judge people on their accents?

    14. Does the term RP mean anything to you?

    15. Do the terms BBC English or The Queen’s English mean anything to you?

    16. What kind of reaction do these terms evoke?

    17. Any comments, additions or extra information you want to share with me:

    Thank you very much!