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  • My biological name

    I was adopted at birth, and my adopted Father's name is GILLS - English according to him. I have recently discovered that my single biological Mother's name (meaning my Grandfather's name) is GRAHAM. I believe it is Scottish. If this is incorrect, please inform me. The only question I have had throughout my life is, "What is my bloodline heritage?". The name Graham is all I have to go on. Any information about the name would be appreciated.

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    You're correct, Graham is a Scottish name. It is the anglisized version of the Gaelic surnames Greum and Greumach.
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      If you post this question in either the Clans or Genealogy forum you will probably get a lengthy answer on the Graham family name. Several notable characters in Scottish history have had this surname and one of the Moderators here has a great interest in one of the Grahams I have mentioned. Look out for the Moderator named Jacobite_Dreamer who will be able to supply a lot of information.