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  • translation of Strath Braan


    Please can someone tell me the meaning and/or derivation of the Scottish word 'Braan' - I only know it as a name, but the Welsh word 'brān' is so close that I thought there might be a connection.

    I know that Strath means valley, so I suppose Braan could be just the name of the river, but since I've just named my house Allt Braan, it would be interesting to know if it does mean anything else as well.

    Thank you,

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    This might be an Anglisization of the Gaelic words "Srath Ban" which mean "Fair Valley." Allt means stream or brook.
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      Many thanks for the prompt and interesting reply. The suggested derivation sounds very likely - I am also trying to find out if there are any interpretations of the name of the River Braan in its own area (Birnam and Dunkeld, where it joins the Tay via The Hermitage); no success so far. The Welsh word bran, pronounced with the same long a, means crow, and, oddly, the Welsh allt means hill. My house, being on a hill, is named half in Welsh and half for the River Braan.