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Scottish Gaelic Language Dictionary?

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  • Scottish Gaelic Language Dictionary?

    You've probably had this question before & I'm sure there's a thread out there on this, but can anyone recommend a good (if not great)-online- Scottish Gaelic/English language dictionary.

    I use this link, but wish that perhaps there maybe a better one that shows the pronounciation of words and may be able to do phrase translations.

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    Hi there. I'll happily dig one out, but it is too early morning here for me to think. Back to you later, I hope. In the meantime, I am moving this to the Language forum, as there are some clever people there.

    Also, go to Language forum, and do a search.


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      This is the dictionary that I use. It doesn't have pronounciation but it is still very good.

      This site will teach you the rules of pronounciation, so once you learn them you won't need to see a phoenetic spelling for every Gaelic word. You'll know how to pronounce them just by looking at them.
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