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  • Scots in Parliament

    In November 1999 former chief executive of the SNP Michael Russell demanded that Scots become one of the parliament's official languages, joining English and Gaelic on all the parliament's signs and public notices, and that, like English and Gaelic, it should be permissable for MSPs to use it in addresses to the parliament. What was the result of his demands? If it failed, why did it?

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    There is an article on this in the Independent at:

    Mike Russells address to Parliament:

    "Ah jist want the hoose tae ken thit its gude fir the wains to learn the lallans at the scule. Wur in dangur uve bringin up a generation awe wains thit talk wae marbles in thur mooths!
    Tae hear a wain wae lallans comin oot his mooth brings a tear tae ma eye, even if the wee bastarts jist pit a brick through ma windae and nicked ma telly"