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    I'm having a little trouble translating my name to Gaelic. My name is Wesli and I can't find anything on the web or in my book on how to translate a W. Any help would be great.

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    hi there Gigisvacation and welcome to Well, I think you'd have to use a "U" or more likely "UI" - (on the model of "Uilleam" for "William" but I should tell you that I don't know Gaelic, and can only hope that a more knowledgable person will come along shortly.

    Best of luck!


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      If I'm correct would Wesli be linked to Leslie in any way? Wesli is perhaps a derivative of another name such as Leslie or something else. If you knew what base name wesli was derived from you could then maybe find a Gaelic equivalent for that base name if there is none for Wesli.

      Try the following website for Gaelic names.


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        Actually Wesli is a form of Wesley which is Irish and it means West meadows. So I'm not sure if there will be an equivilant in Scottish Gaelic. Thanks so much on your suggestion. I'm gonna try and see if they have anything there.