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Scottish Language and accents

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  • Scottish Language and accents

    I am a teenage from Norway, and I have a problem. My English teacher.
    She wants me to give a "minitalk" about Scottish language and accent. Something that I know nothing about....
    Can someone please write me a few lines about typical Scottish accents, r's and stuff?
    It would help me alot...

    På forhånd takk!

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    If you hear the Doric spoken in North East Scotland you might be surprised at how much it sounds like Norwegian. The rhythms and cadence of speech are very similar. Of course we have several words in common too, such as kirk for church and quine for girl (it is pronounced to rhyme with wine, not like kvine in Norsk, but it probably originates in one of the Scandinavian languages.)

    Take a look at some of the websites about Doric (just do a web search) and you may learn more of the similarities. There is a good site run by Moray Council ( ) which has sound files of various people speaking Doric.

    var se god!