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moth balls vs lavender

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  • moth balls vs lavender

    I dont mind the smell of fish moth balls as it reminds me of my grans linen cupboard and every time i smell it i take a trip down memory lane , but what i wanted to say is a nice replacement for this is lavender sticks, they serve the same purpose and it keeps away ants too, thing with lavender is the fragrance lasts for many years and can be used for all sorts, one can make potpourri from it and lavender oil and soap, i have many sorts of lavender plants growing in pots, french, english and so on but just for information sake there are around 500 different kinds of lavender , another nice thing about lavender is the more you prune it the more it grows, its fantastic.

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    Ants in the hoose! jeez, here its "aunts" that are hard to get rid o'
    wullie m.


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      haha wullie i dont think i have a remedy for that one yet

      I had an invasion of ants in the house a while back they were running in rows on the walls and the floors looked like they were alive with them, it was during a heat wave though so they were looking for some shelter from the sun i suppose, gave me the hibbie gibbies really, took me an entire day to spray, suck and sweep them out in that case lavender would not do the trick i needed a pesticide and all i had on hand was doom!!


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        hahahahahahaha i would have bombed the house. completely nuked it with fumigation tabs. unfortunaltey the stuff stinks, and id have to remove every fishtank i own or it will kill my fish. so im limited. to what i can use in the house.

        2 of my tanks take 150 to 250 litres of water, so its a mission to carry it all downstairs. not to mention the torment it is to catch the 8 koi, 3 goldfish, and one pleco.


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          It would have been nice if i had my car that day i could have just rode to my mother-in-laws but my husband had taken it to work so i was stuck in a house alive with ants, i was completely freaked out.

          We have a koi fish pond in our garden outside too with a baby pond above the waterfall, they are pretty huge but its quite a mission keeping the filters and pond maintained, the fish know us already when you put ur fingers in the water they come suck on them


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            moth balls vs lavender

            Mellijelli***Thank you very much you are fantastic!

            believe or not believe! that this period is advanced now! do you know?! in this period the ants have three leg and some has three ears and three eyes with one leg, can you give me of those 500 lavender to keep them happy.

            best wishes

            handyyy without bill


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              moth balls the myths

              Some one told me that if you put mothballs down then cats wont empty their bowels...MYTH!

              My cat used his paws to move the moth balls oot 'o the way!
              then had a dump


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                The ants led a Ho Chi Minh Trail across the kitchen counter this spring.

                Husband bought pesticide to put on ant hills outdoors. Didn't work.

                Wifey used cornmeal on ant hills. Worked, plus it's a green alternative and cheap.

                Husband kept squashing ants indoors by the hundreds and ordered kids to squash ants. Then cursing, went to store and bought ant traps and placed liberally around kitchen. Didn't work.

                Wifey calmly got out the caulking gun, searched outside of house along kitchen wall to discover where they were entering house, and caulked the wee crack in the stone.


                Ants: 0
                Husband: 0
                Wifey: 2