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Keep Your Favorite Jeans looking like New

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  • Keep Your Favorite Jeans looking like New

    1. Lighten the load
    Launder only one pair of jeans at a time---too many heavy items
    prevents garments from being thoroughly washed.

    2. Try a "darks detergent"
    Your dark jeans deserve a specially formulated cleanser for dark clothes;
    in a pinch, any mild detergent will do---just add a thimbleful of plain
    white vinegar to prevent fading.

    3. Reverse 'em
    Turning jeans inside out before throwing them in the wash preserves the
    color and minimizes wear and tear on hardwae and embellishments.

    4. Air dry
    Unless it's preshrunk, denim has a tendency to warp, and high heat will
    only make it worse. If you must use the dryer, set it to the tumble