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  • Flirting with Fabric

    Tired of that old chair mom gave you in college, but can't afford anything nicer? you don't have to spend big bucks to get a new look. You can transform a room with fabric that costs just $1 per yard.

    1. Create a "slipcover" for an old side table using spray adhesive and fabric, or make a tabletop with embossed leather.

    2. Make new pillows. One yard of fabric could produce about five pillows. Just choose a durable fabric that's not so thin that the stuffing shows through.

    3. Change your window treatments. Choose curtains based on the amount of light you want to let in---heavy cotton for opaque or linen for sheer.

    4. Customize bedding. Add a bold embroidery stitch to a set of plain white sheets, put iron-on fabrics on your comforter or trim a blanket with a satin edge.

    5. Reupholster a chair seat. Wrap farbic around the seat and staple to the bottom. "Find fabric with the same pattern as your wallpaper for a real kitchy look. If it's an outdoor chair, be sure to use waterproof fabric.

    6. Br creative. Line the backs of shaowboxes (various sizes) with fabrics. Hang in a cluster on a wall and showcase a vase in each.

    7. Build a room partition. Hang fabric from a curtain rod on the ceiling. This doesn't take up as much room as a boarded partition, plus you have more control over the space ane light.