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  • Uses for Honey

    * For shiny Hair: put a teaspoon of honey in a quart of warm water, and
    pour over clean, wet hair. Let hair dry naturally.

    * Relaxing honey soak: For softer, smoother skin, next time you run a
    both, try adding 1/4 cup honey to the water.

    * Hangover cure: Thr fructose in honey helps flush alcohol out of your
    system. Have a spoonful before bed.

    * Pimple potion: Dab blemishes with honey to kill bacteria and speed

    * Ease indigestion: Honey's enzymes aid digestion. Try eating a
    teaspoonful next time you get heartburn.

    * Better lip balm: Add honey to petroleum jelly to make it fragrant and

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    Add a spoonful of honey to warm milk and cinnamon...its great for a sore throat...even better if
    you add a nip of Whisky !!


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      That seems like it would actually taste... good...; ALSO...I was thinking of actually using both honey (for the shine), AND beer...(for the body it adds)---to my hair...BUT...I wonder what my hair would SMELL like...?! OR...what it wwould look lke?! lol...


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        I put honey in tea, especially a licorice one for soothing the throat. I usually just buy a commercial tea but I always add the honey to it when my throat is sore or I'm coughing


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          My grandfather used honey as a sweetener in all his drinks; I've begun to use it, but, to me, I've not figured out the correct amount to use; it actually seems TOO sweet for me, I just feel slightly sick to my stomach(!!); so much for trying to become more health conscious! I was hoping for better results... Oh, well...
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            Honey is a good deterrent against burglars. If a burglar is apprehended, conduct a strip-down, tethering the wrongdoer in the garden, then liberal application of delicious honey and let the fire-ants do the rest !
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              Well, that's pretty unique; I bet that burglar would not repeat the crime...


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                Well, by the time the fire-ants are through with him, there's just the skeleton left !


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                  Another use for honey is to combine with pears (known as Perz in Glasgow) and voila ! you have a top-flight football club !