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Smart New Ways to Use Coffee Filters

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  • Smart New Ways to Use Coffee Filters

    1. Keep eye-glasses clean! Rub specs with the soft, lint-free filters to keep them clean.

    2. Rust-free skillets! Line cast-iron pans with coffee filters between uses to absorb moisture and prevent rust!

    3. Sandwich saver! Eating on the run? Wrap a coffee filter around your BLT or PB&J to catch spills!

    4. Drip-free Popsicles! Push a popsicle stick through the center of a filter to keep little fingers clean and dry.

    5. Rescue wine! Pour wine through a coffee filter to strain out bits of cork or sediment!

    6. Popcorn Bowl! Movie night's even more fun when you serve popcorn in cone filters. They're easy to hold and make cleanup a breeze!