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  • The Ten Minute Tidy

    This idea was so simple i thought it a great idea! Basically you set a timer for ten minutes and then rush around and pick up clutter and when the timer rings you're done. I think the limited time helps to make it tolerable or even fun, and also much more focused. It's a great idea for families of chaos and those of us who are somewhat domestically challenged.

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    I like this idea a lot

    It's amazing how uplifting it can be just to remove the clutter; that in itself makes it easier to get motivated to go on to the next stage and get into those darned corners!

    ... it's also a great way to get heated up in a cold house!


    ... LOL I'd better go and find some better roof insulation! MacGillivray's Scottish Gifts


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      Today i have a day off so i'm trying to go through papers and old correspondence to toss. Paper clutter has got to be my worst clutter habit and i really want to break it. A few months ago i bought a paper shredder, and i just learned how much more fun it is getting rid of paper by shredding than just tossing in the waste basket. Sounds silly, doesn't it? I got the shredder for security against identity theft and for privacy, but the shredding somehow changes it from feeling like clutter... you get those long strips, everything is uniform, you put it in bags that don't weigh a lot. I get LOTS of bags filled and that's very satisfying. Silly or not, i'm getting rid of a lot more now!

      I also learned how to make myself do these sorting/tossing chores. I'm on a dating website now and i get phone calls from guys wanting to get aquainted. The phone calls are a great time for me to go through old papers and toss. I don't have enough attention on the papers to get stuck and hang on to too many things... only just enough to recognize and pull out any important stuff like someone's address. Sometimes the hardest part of cleaning and tossing is SCHEDULING IT.... and i don't! hahahha. But phone calls are not scheduled, they just happen. I keep a bag of unsorted papers now by the phone, and when the phone rings... it's time to sort!


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        Get Rid of Clutter

        Get Rid of Clutter in an Hour or Less

        Getting rid of clutter doesn't have to be a long, drawn out process. YOu can complete this entire list of clutter-reducing projects in an hour or less.

        1. Toss 10. Grab a trash bag. Find ten items in your home that you no longer need or want and put them in the bag. Toss the bag in the trash or put it in your donation box, and never look back.

        2. Clear a surface. Find at least one cluttered surface like a coffee table or dresser top, and completely clear it of all clutter, swiftly dumping any trash.

        3. Toss old magazines. Go through your home and gather any old magazines or newspapers you've already flipped through. Recycle or donate them today.

        4. Weed out 5. The thought of weeding out your entire filing system may seem daunting, but anyone can weed out just 5 file folders.

        5. Pick through a junk drawer. Whatever you can't identify or is clearly junk (meaning you'll never use it) gets tossed.

        6. Toss anything expired. Go through your fridge and medicine cabinet, gathering anything perishable that has expired. A good day to to this is on garbage day, so you can hand off what you've collected to the trash collector.

        7. Dump junk mail. Quickly go through your pile of mail and dump anything that is clearly junk mail.

        8. Put things away. While carrying a large shopping bag with handles, go through your home putting at least 8 things that are not in their correct place in the bag. Then, deliver those items to their proper homes.

        9. Toss unwanted clothes. This is a great one to do when you have a lot of laundry to do. The clothes remaining in your closet are not the ones you wear the most. Quickly go through your clothes closet and pull out your least favorite clothes, the ones that no longer fit, or the ones you never got around to mending.


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          If i was married and my wife spent only 10 minutes cleaning,she would have two choices.

          1. a couple of black eyes
          2. make up for it in the bedroom


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            I like number 2!

            Gosh, that reminds me of some friends of mine.... they are quite the odd couple where housekeeping is concerned! I stayed with them only once when i went out there for their wedding. Steve was always a very neat, orderly person. He's the kind who numbers all his video tapes and even prints out a catalog for them.... you browse the catalog, and find what you want to view on the shelves by the number... sort of like the Dewey Decimal System. Anyway... Amy is the opposite! They had a clothes closet at least 5 meters wide in their bedroom, overflowing with Amy's clothes, and i mean OVERFLOWING! Amy's clothes also always covered the bed so much you couldn't see the bed... or the floor... and there was no room in the bedroom for Steve's clothes so he kept them elsewhere and you had to dig to get to the bed. Every room in the house was clearly either "his" zone, or "her" zone. The Kitchen: his.... neat, clean, orderly. The Livingroom: his. The Bedroom: hers... a sty! The Bathroom: hers... overflowing with her hand lotions (clearly she's a shopaholic!) All the rooms were clearly hers or his. hahahhahahaha! It's amazing they can live together!


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              One in / One out...

              I think most people know of the One in / One out policy, but how many of us use it? I'm pretty good with it now, and it really makes my clothes and book buying habits more manageable. Just remember as soon as you enter the door from a shopping trip, and before you enjoy or put your items away, that you find things to put in the out pile for charity or rummage sale. The more you make this a habit the more you will think twice before bringing something in the house in the first place, too, so it's good on your budget. I watch everything but perishables... food, toilet paper... things like that are exempt. Be especially sure to have the One in / One out policy with your weakness items!


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                To be honest it's not something i have given much consideration to. Women can't moan about cleaning these days. Not now that we (sorry, you) have dish washers and tumble driers etc


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                  ...there are even those disk robot vacuums and floor mops! ...but they don't pick up or toss things out or clean the machine! ...and i don't have them, or a dishwasher.

                  I just saw an article in the paper yesterday that said the #1 trait happy couples share is in them both partners do housework and chores. Households where women are working outside the home, and doing most of the housekeeping, and often most of the child care, too.... tend to break up. Men contributing sex is not enough. With the invention of vibrators, women can moan on their own, and you can be replaced, too.

                  ...better brush up on your housekeeping skills!


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                    Point taken. Well I guess I'm what you call "snookered". It's a sporting term btw. Behind the 8 ball i think you might understand better. I had better not mention Genesis 3:16 "Thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee"....

                    That would be asking for trouble now wouldn't it


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                      (perhaps i should let him think that!)


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                        LOL. I don't know what to believe.


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                          i like this. We kind of have our own private corner of for the moment. While no one's looking.....

                 wanna play footsie?


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                            LOL, well anything is better than a ten minute tidy.


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                              It's not as private as you think Holly