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  • Design on little moola.

    Would you like to share ideas for redesigning and decorating on little money? I've been getting a number of good ideas watching DIY shows.

    I love it when the shows redesign rooms in a house for little and sometimes NO money at all. My favorites are Sell This House, Clean Sweep, Design on a Dime, and Design Remix. It's very inspiring, and i usually try to do a project as i'm watching the show.

    Sell This House is amazing because they do the most dramatic change on the least money, and they are changing the whole house! Granted... they cheat a little by removing items you'd want to live with... like television sets and stereos... but i still learn a lot. Design Remix uses almost no money, and scavenges what the owners already have, sometimes in their garage, and they often build nice things out of scrap and junk. Design on a Dime has more of a budget, but i like how they are very clear on what they do and why, and Clean Sweep is marvelous because as i watch them clean out houses that are up to the gills in clutter and sometimes even filth, i sort through a modest box of my own stuff and and swear to never let it get even the slightest bit as cluttered as i see on tv.

    Anyway... don't laugh... i take notes! For instance i've seen so many ways of making art for your walls... and i'm fascinated by it. Some of it was pretty good! Sometimes they'd frame plants or make prints of plants, or someone would do an abstract painting... sometimes covering an old bad painting or doing it on a premade stretched canvas from the store. I saw art where they'd posterize household photos and sometimes change the color to blue and white or something like that to make it just a bit different. One time they blew up 4 copies of a photo of their pet dog in black and white and then colored the white part in each one a different color to make it sort of Andy Warhol-ish. I've seen them take ONE roll of nice wallpaper but then frame out a couple of panels of it to display it as art rather than wallpaper. Art can really make a difference in how your house looks... and sometimes even if it is simple, it has a lot of impact.

    What i'm looking for are ideas on how to change my fireplace. Presently it is painted brick with a small, very plain, mantle. The brick itself is very uninteresting and not worth removing the paint, because they are all identical down to the exact texture pattern. I'd like to get rid of that entirely. The screen also, is just hideous. Any suggestions?

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    Boy you guys are awfully quiet!

    I found this: