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  • Christmas decorations

    I'm very late at decorating this year, but year i was tired of my usual decorations, which go back... well.... to a relationship that ended years ago. I want something fresh!

    So i started brainstorming ideas for several different looks that i could do for only $100.... and also... (as if that weren't enough of a challenge)... i want it to look classy, not cheap and common.

    First i considered themes.... i could go white, silver, gold, red, plaid, or use a combination of colors. I could also go "natural," country, modern, or old fashioned.

    Then i thought i should probably start with a scavenger hunt around the house... let's see.... outdoors i have some pine and there is a bush with little pink berries that stay on the branches in winter. I can also go to the woods and find pine cones and holly. Tree branches are sometimes also useful, and can be painted to add interest.

    Indoor hunt: i have christmas lights in white and colors, i could bake cookies to hang on the tree or make a bread wreath, i have lots of colored papers including christmas gift wrap, i have some fabric scraps and a lot of nice wide ribbons. I have a lot of silver bowls and christmas balls, artist paints and metalic paints, and origami paper. I have an artificial tree.... though i prefer to use natural when i can.

    So here is what i've done so far:

    I spent $18 on 6 small poinsettias in a less typical color.... they are a warm pink and slightly varigated. I lined them up on the mantle.

    I spent $12 on 4 cherry red candles and their holders... which are sepia colored wood saucers, with carvings and little feet. I lined these on the coffee table.

    I'd like to do something for the pillows on the sofa next.... they are a cafe latte color.... i could either wrap them each with red ribbon like a gift, or go to the store and pick up fabric for slip covers.

    Anyone have any decorating suggestions?

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    Reddish toned tartans (not 'plaid' PLEASE.... a 'plaid' is the blanked worn over one shoulder by a piper or soldier in a highland regiment!!! - or in dire taste and worn by American male golfers as TROUSERS!!!) always look Christmas-sy.

    I put large bows on the brass door handles, with long 'tails' that hang almost to the floor. I match the colours in the rooms - blue and cream in the sitting room, darker reddish-tones in the dining room.


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      hahahhah.... how did you guess i don't have an obsession with golf?

      Seriously, though, perhaps you can clarify this for me. I thought tartan applied only to patterns associated with particular clans? ...and that it was plaid if it had no such association?

      The ribbons sound lovely! And i like that you have departed from the usual scheme of holiday colors. I do have a large box of wide ribbons, and many have light wire along the edges so they can be shaped. That is a good idea, Polwarth! I like it!

      I'm making origami poinsettia flowers too, in different sizes and shades of red, to place around the bases of the live poinsettias. And i also set up my card "peacock." It doesn't resemble the bird except that it is a little stand with a fan of ten wires with clips on the end to hold Christmas cards.


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        I cant be arsed with decorating the house for Christmas this year. I've put the cards up, but the tree and all the deccies are still up in the loft. I just haven't got the spirit this year!

        BTW... tartan is the pattern. It doesnt matter if it's associated with a clan or not. The only thing that is ever called a plaid, is, as Polwarth said, the shawl or blanket thing worn over the shoulder of someone in 'highland dress'.
        'all our plans were made on streets the winter paved, as streetlamp lucozade orange fell...'


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          Thank you, Lithgae, for clarifying for me.

          i'm glad to hear you haven't decorated if you don't feel like it.... for it's sad, i think, when people decorate and run themselves ragged preparing when they don't want to. It's too easy to forget... particularly with all the advertising.... that the idea of a holiday is to enjoy it. It kind of seems at cross purposes then with rushing around doing what we feel is expected! Hang what's expected! (no pun intended). Sometimes enjoyment... or peace... comes from putting up the tree and sometimes it doesn't. But i don't think its written anywhere that you have to have a tree. I do, however, hope your spirits lift and joy comes your way.


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            Colour Theme is Gold and Silver

            I have gone over the top with decorating this year as we have family coming up to stay.
            The tree cannot be seen for tinsel, beads, chocolates, ornaments, lametta, christmas crackers
            and lights
            The ceiling decorations even have lametta hanging from them, its ok for me but hubby keeps
            ducking to avoid it...hes over 6 feet tall
            Cards are strung along the tops of the walls and I have even decorated the hallway !!

            Yes I am like a little kid when christmas comes around !!

            Forgot to say there are groups of balloons on the ceilings !!


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              But what is "lametta," Babz?

              How much family have you got coming? Gee.... i wish i had family.


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                Have a look in the below address, it gives pictures !!


                Tomorrow our middle daughter, her hubby and my eldest grandson are travelling to us, they
                are at moment visiting her hubb'ys family and will arrive here after an 8 hour drive(approx).
                They are staying till after new Year, then they go south to pick up their dog from relatives
                and then have another 3 hour drive, they live in Essex !!

                On Christmas Day my cousin and her hubby are also coming so I will be cooking for 7 adults
                and one 9 year old and I am the only vegetarian...aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


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                  OH OH OH!!!!!!!!!!!

                  We call it "tinsel."

                  I bet if you threatened to cook only vegetarian dishes you'd soon have some helping hands!

                  In my house "the bird" used to always be the guys' province. My ex and his best friend felt a bit competitive over it and loved to cook turkeys. Vincent (the friend) was the more experienced cook. I'll never forget the first year when my ex did the classic.... leaving the gibblet bag in the cavity! HAHHAAHAHHAHA. Oh the arguments about how to roast a juicy turkey.... hahahhaha! I remember it fondly. Not MY problem!!!

                  Let the meat eaters do it, dear. It's not too late... here's what you can do:

                  Get a bottle of the liquor of your choice. Pour a generous glass for yourself. Drink it. Get loud. Say things like, "oh my! I wish i could remember how i start this." Have another glass. Work on a vegetarion dish. Ask, "Is it thawed? I can'ttell." Sit down for a while. Put up your feet. When someone wanders by ask, "Whadd'you ththink it will take to cook?" Look helpless. Look drunk. Look like you don't care. They'll manage!!!!


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                    Originally posted by HollyElise
                    I do, however, hope your spirits lift and joy comes your way.
                    'Joy' is not a word normally associated with me!
                    'all our plans were made on streets the winter paved, as streetlamp lucozade orange fell...'


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                      All the more reason, then, Lithgae... unless you'd prefer the word "orgasm" or "wealth" or... let's see... the possibilities are endless... so what should i be hoping comes your way?


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                        I kind of like the idea of wealth!
                        'all our plans were made on streets the winter paved, as streetlamp lucozade orange fell...'


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                          Time to bring this post back and ask Holly what are this
                          year's decorations are going to be like ??


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                            No, please no!


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                              Originally posted by pogofish

                              No, please no!

                              Yes oh Yes..lolol

                              It's called forward planning...hehehe