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Excellent CHEAP tips to clean Sterling Silver

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  • Excellent CHEAP tips to clean Sterling Silver


    I was a big "silver" wearer years ago, had some beautiful pieces, however I throw out a lot of it because it was just too far gone.. (or so I thought)..

    I also received the most gorgeous Tea Set from my late Grandmother, with some trays and such which I promised myself to take to the silver smith, but have yet to do so.. but never fear! The Silver Cleaning Fairy is here.. LMAO..

    Ok.. so I had this chain and ring I wanted cleaned and I was in conversation with my Girlfriend about it when she told me what to do..

    1. Take a large bowl (or just a bowl) depending on the size of the items you want cleaned. If its big things like Tea Pots and trays, use your sink.

    2. Line it with Alumni Foil (shinny side showing) what ever you’re using

    3. Put a large amount of "BAKING POWDER" in the middle of it

    4. Place the jewelry (or items) on the baking powder

    5. Fill the bowl (or whatever) with Boiling HOT water..


    It really is just that easy and CHEAP.. Goodness if I knew this years ago. My ring and chain were clean and shinny in Seconds..