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  • Decluttering now..........................................

    Spring will soon be here and yep, i'm getting that "i want my house clean" bit!

    I thought before i clean i want to get rid of A LOT of stuff. Last weekend, even though i was busy teaching and working, i set a goal to get rid of 200 pounds of stuff and i put a bathroom scale by the front door... (okay so i'm a bit kooky!) I didn't come anywhere close... only 52 pounds, but i'll keep at it over the next few weeks.

    Meanwhile i realized that it will be easier for me to pare down and have things look ship-shape if i get some nice containers and then have to make things fit in them, so the first thing i bought was a nice jewelry box:

    Then last night i cleaned up some clear plastic makeup cases and got rid of about half my makeup and toiletries and fit the rest in the case and put some of my knitting tools in one of the clear plastic zippered bags. I'm loving these clear zippered bags, i might get some more... they are wonderfully handy for keeping small things organized and you can see through them to know what you have!

    It's so satisfying to get rid of so much stuff that you don't really use!

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    Want to join me in a decluttering challenge?

    Get one large paper grocery bag or two standard plastic shopping bags. You have one hour to fill it!


    Try your CLOTHES CLOSET and pull out anything you
    -don't like
    -you haven't worn in a year
    -has holes or stains
    -doesn't fit
    -your family or friends have said they don't like, lol!

    ...give your bag to charity.

    Try your BOOKS and look for...
    -fiction you read and will not reread
    -the books you MEANT to read, maybe started a few pages, and just couldn't get into (it feels great to let yourself off the hook, trust me!
    -non-fiction books you don't refer to or have outdated information.
    -magazines older than a year.

    Try your KITCHEN and look for...
    -specialized small appliances and gagets that you've not used in a year or more... the fondue maker, tortilla press, etc.
    -extra food storage containers and "pretty bottles" left over from bought food.
    -out of date food and stuff you won't eat because you don't like it!

    And then don't forget your house will look prettier if you thin out and keep only your favorites of:
    -collectibles and chachka.


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      I'll do yours if you do mine! :O

      wow that'd scare ya!

      I'll settle for giving you a progress report - I'll give myself a week and let you know if I got rid of as much as a piece of paper!

      M MacGillivray's Scottish Gifts


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        LOL Margaret!

        You can do it!

        Lately i've been using "visualization" whenever i feel stuck on something, and it really works. Like if i felt like i couldn't get rid of much stuff, i'd pick the place i want to straighten up... sit down in the room, close my eyes... and then picture my selecting things to get rid of easily, quickly, and my enjoying it and then i picture the room looking nice after i've done it. I just do this for a minute, and then i begin and it makes it a lot easier. Putting energetic music on also helps!

        good luck!


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          Bewitched, bothered and bewildered!

          I have to admit that my idea of visualisation is something along the lines of Samantha in Bewitched -

          .... now you'll recognise me - I'm the one desperately trying to get a twitchy nose - right over there in the corner <LOL>


          ps - I'm feeling better about this already!
 MacGillivray's Scottish Gifts


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            I've just been sorting paperwork and tossing while i watch "Chocolat" on tv. I LOVE that movie!


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              Paper is my worst cluttering habit. I really don't know how i do it! seems to breed in corners faster than tribbles. And i HATE sorting through paperwork... but i think i finally found a way to encourage myself to sort through it and toss it!....

     i told myself that as soon as i had filled a trash bag with about ten pounds of paper... and chosen one book to recycle too.... that i could go on and order a new book for myself as a reward! For me it works like magic!


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                Got a good site for you if you want to get rid of items you consider junk but think other's might like !!


                Its a worldwide group and is really taking off over here !!


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                  That's a great idea! There is a website in the U.S.... i'm trying to remember the name.... it runs like Ebay except it's a large charity organization that gives to many charities, and people donate their items. Ooooo.... i just Googled and got lots of them!





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                    I am a member of a freecycle group. It is a place where you put up things you no longer use but don't want to throw out. Everything is 100% free and there are groups all over the world. There are two in my area that I am a member of. I have gotten rid of a bunch of stuff, and Ihave also gotten stuff from the group.

                    You can go to for more information and a list of groups in you area.


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                      Sorry Babz, I didn;t see you post before I posted mine. I see you are a fam of freecycle too!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!