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Morrison clan history?

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  • Morrison clan history?

    Hello all, My name is Duncan Morrison and I have recently been doing some research on my Scottish heritage out of personal interest. I was born and raised in Canada but my father Gordon Morrison (who passed away when I was 14), had strong links to his Scottish heritage and apparently knew a lot about the Morrison Clan. I remember bits and pieces of his words but at the time I foolishly didn't recognize the importance of his words. The few things I can remember are the tattoo over his heart of the Clan Morrison Crest with the words Dun Eistein ( the fort on the isle of Lewis). He also had the words ARKLOR tattooed with his Canadian forces tattoo which he claimed was the traditional battle cry of the Morrison Clan. Other than small info bits I can remember and the few paragraphs I could find online on the history of the clan, I know very little. All the family on my fathers side is dead so there is no one else I know that would know. So my question is if there is anybody on this forum who is from the Morrison clan who could answer my questions and If not if I could be directed to somebody that does. Thank you -Duncan Morrison

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    Hi Duncan and welcome.

    This may seem a silly question, but have you tried some basic google searches? There is a wealth of information available online.



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      A search of this site should give lots of info. Morrison is a common name.


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        I believe the the Morrisons of Lewis were hereditary brieves.


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          Clan Morrison - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

          This has a bit of interesting info regarding the Clan. I came across it when researching the name Morrison, my great grandfather was a Morrison, but not of this clan, his line was from Northern Ireland.

          wiki info isn't always totally reliable, but it's interesting.

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