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    Can anyone put me out of my misery please ?

    I saw online photos of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Pipe Band which included their familiar uniform of pipers in feather bonnets with hackles and yellow van-dyck band, doublets, kilts and plaids (Charles Edward Stuart tartan I believe), three tassel hair sporran etc and drummers in bearskin caps with white plumes, scarlet tunics and dark blue overalls with yellow stripes. Bass drummer with traditional white bearskin and red plume.

    However, today I've seen photos of the drummers and Drum-major of the RSDG pipe-band at Dunkeld in a uniform I've never seen before. They're wearing a stiffened dark blue tam-o-shanter (similar to the KOSB's) with red toorie and a yellow van-dyck band and the eagle cap badge with a white hackle, dark blue doublet with cavalry shoulder chains rather than cloth wings, red tartan (Stuart or Stewart) trews etc. The pipers are wearing glengarries with white hackles and the rest of their uniform looks as before.

    Can anyone fill in the dots for me please ? Is this their new uniform ? When was it introduced and why change from their traditional cavalry uniforms ? Drummers in army pipe bands usually wear the uniform of the regiment (past or present), with minor adjustments for their drummer status (Highland drummers usually wear feather bonnets instead of glengarries with the green uniform of the regiment, except BW in their traditional scarlet doublets).

    Will the Scots Guards' drummers be next to hit the tartan trail ?

    PS as an aside, when I was a boy and the niceties of industrial job titles were unknown to me, pipers our family knew used to talk about pipe band drummers as "pipers labourers". I didn't have a clue what it meant but I was told by my father if you said it to a drummer, steam would come out his ears ! I couldn't understand why !
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