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Anyone Know of a David de Line?

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  • Anyone Know of a David de Line?

    Supposedly David de Line lived around Peeblesshire in the 13th Century and granted land to my ancestors whose names were: Scrogges, Scogges, Skogges, Scrogis, Scroggs, Scorggie, Scroggy, Skoggie, and Skoggey. I found an article in The Atlanta Journal and Constitution dated Sunday, October 26, 1969, which mentioned that my relative, Robert de Scrogges, lost his life for this David and so his relatives were granted the land they lived on due to Robert's service. However, I cannot find any other information showing that this information is accurate. I was hoping that someone from Scotland could authenticate this for me. Thank you for your help with this question.

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    Hallo ,
    this page here has information that may shed light on things ;

    Scroggs family of Scotland

    I believe it has been too infrequently asked why Robert de Scroggs was associated with the de Lynes; the relationship may have been based on familial associations; which was mostly the case when land (in this instance, Scroggs in co. Peebles) was granted by one family to another.

    Home - SCROGGS

    and this may be of some help too;

    Scroggs Family Genealogy Forum


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      Thank you so much for this information. I now have a beginning point for my research.