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    Hello, I'm from France, and I belong to a history forum. A member of this forum asked about this town in the 6th/7th centuries. I found the then name of the town, but she also asked what did it represent and how did people live there at this time (rites, clothes, habits, food, houses ...). I told her to get some info about life in Scotland generally speaking, not especially a precise town, but we didn't find many things. She is actually writing a book, so she really needs these informations.
    Thanks for your answers!

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    Perhaps she should buy a couple of books about life in Scotland during the period you mention for more precise details. Please DO remind her not to have the natives running about in kilts, brandishing claymores...


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      Oh yeah she already knows that, thanks for the answer. Actually, I searched some books, and I'm sure she did too, but we're French, and I don't think she reads English well, it's very hard to find some books, first on this only period, and second in French.