First of all, I want to apologise if anyone is grossed out by this post. It's not meant but, having been grossed out myself, I just want to find if this is real or a hoax.

Yesterday evening, one of my grown-up Philippine nieces was showing my daughter a phone video and my daughter was trying not to look.

When I asked, the niece showed me. She explained she’d taken a video of the other niece. Explaining it as a Philippine folk-remedy to get rid of spots, acne etc and leave a smooth skin, the niece on the video was rubbing (amongst trying not to throw up !) her own bloody menstrual pad all over her face. She looked like a character from The Walking Dead ! ( That reminds me, no more family hugs for her from me !)

I thought it was a crazy Filipino “folk remedy” of no value except freaking out foreigners, but searching on google today I found various beauty/health sites extolling its virtues (and not Philippine sites either).

I’ve seen lotion or shampoo advertised made from placenta but this is new to me !

Has anyone ever heard of this ?