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  • Cholesterol

    Cholesterol questions.

    Anyone with high cholesterol?
    If so what foods do you avoid.
    Is there any truth in red wine helping to reduce cholesterol.


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    Basically if it looks mouth-wateringly amazing and tastes like flavour-heaven, avoid it ! Chew a stick of celery instead ! Nature's cruel joke !

    It's said a glass of red with a meal can help break down fats but any more than that and yes, nature kicks in again and gives you other health problems.

    It may well be that dinosaurs regularly ate chili dogs, corn dogs and juicy sirloins with fries, onion rings, ranch sauce and five glasses of red a day and look what happened to them ! Mind you, they were around for millions of years so it's not all bad news !


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      Try to eat more vegetables or natural foods.


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        Originally posted by mikestang746 View Post
        Try to eat more vegetables or natural foods.
        Aye, thanks I do, plus I eat porridge for breakfast, in fact I eat a lot of muesli too.


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          Personally I think there is a lot of hype in relation to high cholesterol levels. Good cholesterol, bad cholesterol, familial cholesterol. Everyone worries about it nowadays. But I believe a lot of the hype is fueled by drug companies who make billions out of the statins used to lower cholesterol levels, and churned out to an unsuspecting public, many who still believe everything that comes out of their GP's mouth.

          Statins are a drug that blocks the action of a chemical in the liver that is necessary for making cholesterol. The medical field would have you believe the benefits of statins largely outweigh the risks and state the only two major side effects - both that occur relatively rarely - are liver failure and skeletal muscle damage. So you would think the chances of hearing about anyone suffering side effects would be just as rare?

          Yet I know one guy who started taking severe pains in his biceps after beginning statins. The doctor told him not to worry. He eventually stopped the meds but the damage was done. He still has pain 10 years on. I also know many older people who experience increased muscle pain after beginning statins. They are told it is a normal part of the ageing process. Possibly, but too much of a co-incidence for my liking.

          I also know many people who failed their immigration blood tests because their liver reading were abnormal. They changed their diet, stopped drinking, still no change. Some needed a letter from their GP to say the statins were causing the abnormal readings. Others just stopped taking statins and passed. Personally I would not want to take a drug that affected my liver to that extent.

          And recent research has also suggested statins can increase your chances of cataract disease and memory impairment.

          So keep taking the porridge guys. Exercise regularly and eat wholesome food whenever possible. You know it makes sense. Bonnieboots, you can always replace red wine with non alcoholic grape juice.

          ps The biggest risk of heart disease and stroke comes from obesity, so just keep in mind the hole we put the food in, is bigger than the hole where it comes out.