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  • Bowel Cancer Warning

    The title is pretty much self-explanatory, but you need to visit the website to find out how ... Screening Scotland - Bowel screening | NHS Inform
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    When we lived in Aberdeen my hubby did the test a few times and they gave him the all clear
    but within 2 months of us moving it was discovered that he did have bowel cancer, so they are
    not always reliable.

    It was only because he was getting loads of backache etc. that our new doctor sent him for
    a colonoscopy and it was found.

    Four years on it has not returned so hopefully never will !!!


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      Colon Cancer signs

      Hello again Babz,
      don't know if you can remember us & our circumastances away back in 2007??
      I have tried to resume contact with yourself & Celyn by writing more messages.
      Into the Senior Cits/Moving webpage.// offering you my sincere Apologies for the belated Info' regarding our move back HOME.!!
      Regarding this Bowel Cancer I have been thru' the mill with that as well Babz.
      Very pleased & relieved to read of your Husband's prognosis after his experience with that Incidious disease.
      Please forgive me Babz-would like to know that I can redeem myself & now hoping to be a regular on your Web-site here.
      Good Health & Happiness to YOU & YOURS. Mary (wilson) Barnes
      P.S. enjoying my Homeland-thanks to yourself & Celyn for all of the Valued Support & encouragement--could NOT have managed without you both.