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  • Dental Work in Edinburgh

    Hi Guys

    I'm a British student, in Edinburgh for the summer
    and think I need an extraction. Money is an issue
    and I'm not registered with any dental clinics here.
    Any informed suggestions as to where I can
    get good quality care at no/low cost?



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    Max, the Dental Hospital in Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, all work is free and under supervision, you might get a student, they have to learn. Dentists send difficult cases there. Don't know if Edinburgh has an equivalent. Get there early! wullie m.


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      I’d be a bit wary of Wullie’s suggestion. It could be a nasty rumour but they say that Glasgow’s Sauchiehall Street has very unconventional ways of separating people from their teeth. However, getting there early is sound advice.


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        Crofter, keep an eye on your own teeth, if you bit your tongue, you,d probably poison yourself! wullie m


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          So much for heeding the advice to lighten up. I forgot for a moment that the degree of lightening to which I up will have to be approved and that any attempt, even in jest, of slagging Glasgow, in Scotland’s Nether Region, is a no-no.

          Where does one qualify to become a comedian?


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            Oh good grief! I thought the poor sod wanted informed advice, not irrelevant snarkiness. I decided against replying yesterday, thinking that someone helpful might actually have something constructive to contribute. wullie m is right about the Glasgow Dental Hospital, and there's also a similar facility in Edinburgh.

            You can obtain details of NHS dentists currently registering patients by telephoning 0131 537 8444 or see our list of dentists that may currently be registering NHS patients. ..........

            However, free ROUTINE dental treatment for unregistered patients only is available at the Edinburgh Dental Institute. See our "Free Routine Dental Treatment Poster" for more details.
            from: Dental Services

            There's more blah for what to do when it's a horrible painful emergency.


            Unregistered patients
            If you are not registered with a dentist, or are unable to contact your dentist, an emergency service for the relief of pain only is available:
            Adult patients aged 16 years and over
            Chalmers Dental Centre
            3 Chalmers Street

            Monday - Thursday, 9am - 4.45pm and on Friday, 9am to 4.15pm
            Chalmers Dental Centre tries to minimise waiting times to see a dentist by operating a system of triage. If you arrive at the department in need of urgent dental treatment you will first be seen by a triage nurse who will assess your symptoms and either provide you with advice or arrange for you to be seen by a dentist as soon as possible. At busy times, there may be a delay between the time you are seen by the triage nurse and the first available time that you can see a dentist. As the Centre is usually very busy you are advised to attend early in the day to allow time for this assessment and to arrange for any treatment to be carried out, if necessary.
            Evenings and weekends

            Unregistered patients
            If you are unregistered please telephone the Lothian Dental Advice Line: Tel 0131 536 4800
            Lothian Dental Advice line is operational in the evenings and at weekends to offer advice or to arrange for you to receive urgent dental care. A dental nurse adviser will take your call and assess the urgency of your symptoms in a similar way to the triage nursing system at Chalmers Dental Centre (above).
            The emergency service is only available for the relief of pain.
            Dental Services

            ALSO, free treatment by supervised student dentists is available at the Edinburgh Dental Institute BUT they won't do extractions. 0131 536 4104

            So Max00l, in summary, no, I'm sorry I don't think we have any informed advice for you. INFORMED advice lives at the two 'phone numbers above. Talking on the telephone while suffering toothache sounds like a bundle of laughs, but good luck and I hope you get it all sorted out.


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              Good Grief! I keyed “Free Dental Treatment, Edinburgh” on GOOGLE and it turned out 67,300 sites. Could one of them have an answer to Max’s dilemma, since the regular Edinburgh contributors on this site are unable or unwilling to help? As a student he will doubtless be far more adept than I am at homing in on an appropriate site.

              Don’t colleges or universities provide such information anymore? Is student treatment not usually free or cheaper?

              Are not health centres obliged to provide such details? Are there none in Edinburgh?

              Is no one in or near where he is staying able or willing to give straightforward assistance?

              It does not reflect very well on Edinburgh when one has to trawl the internet for help in an emergency, if an emergency it is. Surely there must be one person in that city who would'nt just walk by on the other side.

              Apologies to Max for the snarkness, he thinks he needs an extraction does not indicate the urgency, if he was in agony I’m sure he would have had himself treated long before my comments were added.

              However, I’m sure the remark “poor sod” will be just what he wants to hear.
              Very touchy in Glasgow today, I should have known my attempt at humour would hit a raw nerve. (Excuse the pun)


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                Well done, Celyn.
                You've given the OP the information he requires - and have cut through the sarcasm of one of the posters on this thread!


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                  Indeed, Celyn, and Wullie, Citizens of Glasgow, are due thanks for taking the trouble to assist Max with advice in his predicament. My own contribution was merely meant to be palliative. At the very least I acknowledged his existence. I’ve apologised to Max if he found it snarky, notice he has not said he was offended, you’ve decided that for him.

                  As a resident of Edinburgh, or its environs, it is curious that you were not very forthcoming with any sort of help or advice when it was asked for, but quick as a flash when it comes to butting in and sticking the boot in. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

                  One further bit of advice to Max, go west young man, or north.