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    Whatís all this about replacing hospital staff in Stirlingshire with robots? Canít say I would like to be cared for by a fork lift truck. Some of our old matrons were not a pretty sight but at least they were half way human. I am not liking this modern thinking at all.

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    I have to agree with you there 100% Crofter! New technology has its place, but when there is so much unemployment do we really need to bring automation in to places where human contact is extremely important?
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      I only hope you guys are kidding.. robots?! that's sad.


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        we wish we were, but... Hi-tech robots give nurses helping hand!
        Support CHAS the Children's Hospice Association Scotland


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          I'm sure no one needs a job over there.... that much that's going in... they could hire staff.. and more health care professionals and provide better health services... didn't realize there was so much extra left in the budget that you guys were able to employ robots...


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            You are quite right JC, it beggars belief, people losing their jobs by the thousand daily, people dying by the hundred for lack of care. Our public services inundated with Eastern Europeans who cannot understand what they are being told or asked. This state of affairs cannot go on much longer without something having to give.

            Did I read somewhere that you have secured a position in this country. You better hurry before they give it to a robot.


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              Well, I did hear that the new government may crack down on immigration. I'd hate to be bested by a robot. I have been helping a lady inthe UK (who ironically works for NHS) with her father's recovery after a stroke. I won't even begin to horrify you with the healthcare disparity there. I'm shocked that patients are treated that way.... probably due to lack of staff... but I guess if they can hire robots... must not be too bad.

              I start interviewing soon. I'll probably snatch one of the first jobs offered to me just so I can get a work visa... then move where I want... I just hope it's not the pits....


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                Heheh. I *think* the robots are to do things like taking away dirty linen, bringing clean things ... generally fetch and carry.

                The word "robot" does, of course, bring to mind odd mental images. Some wee thing, like the ones from the old telly advert* for instant mashed potato, going to patients and saying things like:

                "Oh, it is time to take out your kidneys" "Oh?" "What do you mean, mere human, that this is not correct and you are in here for a heart problem such that any other little shock might kill you? You are human and wrong and I am robot and right!"


                "You will have breakfast!" Ooh, circuits all wrong. Porridge all over patient and all over bed.

                Or attempting a heart transplant operation - very fine until things get tricky. Then it's a case of "this program has encountered a Serious Error. Redo from start."

                * For benefit of overseas people and young people, this is the old telly ad I had in mind: YouTube - Smash advert