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    Hi Every One,
    How are you all? Being outdoors is good for everyone. The belief that everyone needs fresh air is very true. Indoors can be fun and entertaining, but people aren't made to spend all day inside! We didn't even have computers until the eighties, so obviously it isn't natural to be on one all day long. Everyone needs to spend a little time outside. You don't need to take a run, or a day-long trip to the mountains, but just getting outdoors is very important. If you are an adventurous person, doing things like Little Miami River Canoeing and kayaking is a lot of fun. Little Miami River Kayaking can be a great way to mix up a humdrum routine of office work during the week and gardening on the weekends. It can be a fun, and somewhat nerve racking experience if it is your first time. It is an awesome way to bring families together in an exiting environment as well.

    If you are going to spend a day on the water, you have to be prepared however. If you don't prepare yourself in the right way, you may be stuck in the middle of a stream hungry, wet, and sun burnt. Always bring a lunch or snacks. Water activities burn a good amount of calories and you will be hungry come lunch time. Don't over estimate the fact that you are sitting down either. Your face and arms and part of your legs will all be exposed to the sun. If you don't apply and reapply sunscreen, you will be very pink.

    Also, you will want to pack all of your things in a water proof container. A gallon sized plastic bag would work or you could go the extra mile and buy a water-proof bag.

    If you don't feel like you would be comfortable in the water, there are other fun outdoor sports to get involved in. Hiking may sound extreme, but in reality everyone can do it. All you need is a place to hike, and some minor equipment. I suggest getting hiking shoes but sneakers would also work fine, Depending on what type of hiking you are planning on doing and how serious you are about it, you may want to invest in a hiking pack. If you are going to be hiking all day long, you will want a place to store plenty of water, snack and sunscreen. Also, always take a cell phone and back up phone with you on major hiking excursions. Some people may also advise you to take a GPS or compass, but that is only relevant if you aren't taking a preset trail.

    Everyone can find a niche outside. Whether it is walking, running, hiking, or being in the water; there is an activity for everyone. You may enjoy the exercise aspect of it, or the peacefulness of being in nature. Birdwatchers and extreme mountain climbers are all alike in the sense that they love the outdoors.

    Best Regards.....
    ~ Never work before breakfast; if you have to work before breakfast, eat your breakfast first ~
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