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Its Interesting...No Sympathy Needed or Required !!

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  • maggieblue
    Wow, what a knock in the head for Jim.
    This is an awful lot for him to deal with, and you too.
    You and he both are in my prayers. Good luck. Hope he can quit
    smoking - I used to smoke, and quite a lot - was extremely difficult to do, tried and tried and could not, finally ended up in hospital with heart attack
    and lung infection (among other things). That was my last cig. Sometimes I still miss them! Crazy, eh?

    I have a friend going in the hospital this afternoon for a hernia, and I am
    worried for him. Sure hoping everything turns out ok.

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  • Polwarth
    Jings, Babz... I thought I was the medical miracle on here!
    Glad to hear that ALL his tests have proved to be qualified good news.

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  • Babz
    Originally posted by Celyn View Post
    Oh dear, what a long list of "adventures". No sympathy, eh? All right, Babbzzii, I
    am not sympathetic in the least, oh no not at all. See me not caring?

    I can

    Forgot to mention...Jim has been told to stop smoking too...he can't seem to do it like I
    did but but he has cut down by over 50%

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  • Celyn
    Oh dear, what a long list of "adventures". No sympathy, eh? All right, Babbzzii, I am not sympathetic in the least, oh no not at all. See me not caring?

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  • Babz
    started a topic Its Interesting...No Sympathy Needed or Required !!

    Its Interesting...No Sympathy Needed or Required !!

    Here we go...something interesting to write about...well it is interesting to me and mine !!!!

    A lot of you will know that Jim is my hubby and those that didn't do now !!

    In the last 6 months we have discovered via various tests at 2 different hospitals and
    of course our brilliant local GP that Jim has/had:

    Loads of blood taken
    Ultrasound on Stomach

    The results are as follows::::

    A stomach bug that needed a 3 drug cocktail to kill it off !!

    Hiatus Hernia...cannot have anything done for that but on drugs for life to lessen the
    stomach acid/bile from making it worse, he also has drugs to stop stomach bloating...they
    are for life too !! be controlled by diet !!

    High Cholesterol...also to be controlled by diet !!

    Polyps in colon...some were cancerous and removed and will need regular tests to see
    if more appear...that means colonoscopies again and again !!

    The ultrasound showed that he did not have an ulcer...thank heavens for that, at
    the time of all the tests he looked as if he was 7 months pregnant and for a man with
    usually a 34/36" waist he looked strange...he went up to a 38/40 and is now is down to 36/38 so
    in a few more months will be back to 34/36 if all goes well !!

    The last 6 months have not been good for him but we are looking forward with hope that
    the worst is over !!

    All through this Jim's spirits have been high...even when the specialist said...did you
    know you had piles...Jim replied...not of money I don't

    The only time I saw him look downhearted was when it was mentioned by a relative that
    they felt sorry for him(cancer)...thats why I said no sympathy required !!