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    Yoga, which originated in India many years ago, is the oldest system of personal fitness in the world encompassing the entire bosy, mind, and spirit. Ancient Yogis developed a system of physical and mental exercises which has passed the test of time and is still growing in popularity world wide. The word "Yoga" means to ,"to join or yoke together," and its goal is to bring the mind and body together through a series of movements.

    Yoga can benefit everyone; your fitness level, defree of flexibility, or coordination does not matter. Yoga features three main structures, exercise, breathing, and meditation. The exercises of yoga are designed to put pressure on the body's glandular system, increasing its efficiency and overall health. Breathing and exercise ;ead to meditation, which sharpens the mond and allows students to become stress-free and ultimately lead more focused, less stressful lives.

    Yoga's series of postures are clled "asanas"; the breathing techniques are referred to as "pranayama". Together, this yoga works all of the muscle groups, stimulates the internal systems, and improves strength, flexibility, and balance, al the while calming the mind, reducing stress, and enhancing inner and outer poise. Yoga is a full-body workout, both inside and out!

    Essentially, you can practice Yoga anywhere. Following are a few tips to get you started.

    * Make sure you practice on an empty stomach. (a full stomach can make you feel sick)

    *Yoga should not be painful; if it is, stop and consult a Yoga instructor to make sure you are doing the
    posture correctly.

    *If you are beginning Yoga, hold the postures for about 3-5 full breaths (inhaling, then exhaling is one
    breath). As you progress, gradually start holding the poses longer.)

    *At the end of your pracice, be sure to give yourself at least five minutes to lie in complete stillness. This
    will give yourbody a chance to relax and soak in the benefits of the Yoga.

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    Thank you for sharing the tips. Yoga is the best exercise. Body and minds work out.