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  • Hats /Caps for Megan

    Dear friends,
    Our friend's 10 year old daughter is very ill and I would like to ask anyone that can to take the time to send her a get well message or card. I thought it would be especially exciting for her to hear from those of you in other countries.I thank you so much for any messages you send . every message of encouragement will be greatly appreciated by me and of course her family.
    this is the message her Uncle put out to all of us:

    Megan has a massive tumor in her chest, it starts around her throat and ends at her heart. When she lies down, the mere size of the tumor makes it too difficult for her to breath, so they had to sedate and intubate her (put a tube down her throat and hook her up to a machine that breaths for her).
    She started chemotherapy on (Nov 26). Dr's say she has a good chance of full recovery, however it is going to take well over a year before things start to get back to normal for her, and she will have to go through all of the hardships that come with chemotherapy (hair loss, constant weakness, vomitting, etc, etc, etc).

    Megan is now fully into her treatment and has a journal that you can keep up to date on her progress if you would like to check it out at:

    CaringBridge. Free Websites That Support And Connect Loved Ones During Critical Illness.

    I have also thought that since she is now losing her hair that it may be great fun if she was to be sent a whole bunch of different caps and hats to wear during her treatments since she will not be seeing her hair again for quite some time.
    If you would like to send Megan a hat or cap please send it to my address so that her Grandparents can take them up to her on the weekends they see her.
    Thank you so much, her bravery has been an inspiration to so many of us. Please check out her website journal..she is quite a lovely young girl.

    CaringBridge. Free Websites That Support And Connect Loved Ones During Critical Illness.

    Miss Megan Austin
    c/o Mrs Tricia Cook-Bosnell
    59 Charles Street
    Port Hope, Ontario
    Canada L1A 1S6
    This is my country,
    The land that begat me,
    These windy spaces
    Are surely my own.
    And those who toil here
    In the sweat of their faces
    Are flesh of my flesh
    And bone of my bone.