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    When the hair and scalp are damaged by such environmental factors as air pollutants, heat, ultraviolet radiation to dry indoor air; or permanents, hair dyes, or strong shampoos, hair rinses can help. Because the scalp supplies the hair with protein and other nutrients through a network of delicate blood vessels, the most effective hair rinses act directly on the scalp rather on the hair shaft itself. Of the two main types of rinses (chemical and natural). natural rinses are preferable because they act to stimulate circulation in the scalp rather then just coating the hair with a protective chemical protective chemical film. Natural rinses repair damaged hair by strengthening it, giving it a fresh appearance. They nourish the hair follicle and promote healthy growth, too.

    Rinse hair with beer to add shine and body---if you want to do something nice for your hair, rinse it once a month with flat beer. After appplying the beer, you can rinse the hair with warm water, or not, as you choose. The beer acts as a natural setting lotion, giving blow-dried hair increased vitality, resilience and hold. The B vitamins and natural sugar add body and shine. The stale-beer smell will disappear very quickly.

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    Hi Texasmujer,
    This is really a good information you share with us. If a person's scalp or hair is damage then hair fall problem starts. But some time it may be a genetics problem. In that case what is the solution?

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    thank you
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      Thank you for sharing this information. I will suggest it to my relatives and friends who have hair problems.