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  • Sleep

    You might have a sleep disorder if you---

    * consistently take 30 minutes or more to fall asleep

    * Consistently awaken repeatedly and have trouble falling back to sleep

    * Often feel sleepy during the day, take frequent naps or fall asleep at
    inappropriate times.

    * During sleep, snore loudly, snort, gasp, make choking sounds or stop

    * Have creeping, tingling, or crawling feelings in yoour legs or arms that are
    relieved by moving or rubbing them.

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    10 Tips for Better Sleep

    * Go to bed and wake up at the same time

    * Don't exercise right before bedtime

    * Avoid caffeine or nicotine. Caffeine can take 8 hours to wear off.

    * Avoid alcohol before bed. It mau help you fall asleep but it will keep you
    from deep sleep.

    * Avoid large meals or filling beverages late at night. Indigestion can
    interfere with sleep.

    * Don't nap after 3p.m. Don't take naps longer than an hour.

    * Unwind before bed with soothing activities such as reading or listening to

    * Take a hoy bath---a drop in body can help you feel sleepy

    * Get rid of distractions: No bright lights, noisy computer or uncomfortable

    *Keep your bedroom cool.


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      One you forgot to mention is.....................

      Sleep Alone


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        ...You are just TOO FUNNY...Of course...a person could always sleep with their trusty kitty.


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          Take 20 minutes walk
          Do exercise
          Eat Fresh vegetables
          Drink milk


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            good for seems like those are good habits; I hope you see results (good) from using them. Again...good for you


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              I have insomnia. I lay down and I get to sleep after hours--5 hours max. It is very frustrating. I am taking SLEEPASIL to get sleep early but I also get up really early.


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                My average is about 5 hours also, sometimes less. I do welcome the weekend !


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                  i tend to get about 6 hours a night......but then i also tend to grab quick naps here there and everywhere....buses/trains/couch etc

                  oh i love a wee nap


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                    I usually have a wee nap at lunchtime (aww bless !) I know it was a good one if I get drool on my shirt !


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                      "Soft Kitty" always gets me off to sleep no problem!


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                        One thing I have noticed with some friends, they complain of not being able to sleep, yet all their bedrooms have NOT have a television in your cannot switch your brain off as easily as the television set.

                        Another technique I have tried, is to count backwards from 10 down to zero and then from 7 down to zero and imagine you are in a place you would like to be, on holiday, resting, whatever, it does work after some practise..

                        Hope this helps..


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                          I usually like quiet and dark for sleep. However, in our room, my wife likes TV on and lights on (though we've reached a compromise on the light/dark scenario - now semi-dark).

                          I've found in the last while that, if my wife is round at her Filipina pals' playing cards or mah jongg, I fall asleep no problem in front of the telly in our living room of an evening. A strange thing is I can fall asleep no matter what's on. I've been sound asleep through loud war film DVD's, such as the deafening cannonade scene preceding Pickett's Charge during the film Gettysburg and the cannonades during the film Waterloo. When I do wake up, as a film re-runs for the n'th time, I go upstairs to complete my sleep.

                          However, when my wife's at home and we sleep in our room, she puts on Philippine satellite TV with the volume reasonably low. Can I sleep ? Can I heck as like !!! There's something about Filipino TV which is really annoying !! Everyone seems to shout, entertainment hosts, guests, competitors, newsreaders, drama sitcom actors, comedy sitcom actors.

                          I can sleep though Gettysburg but not through a Filipino TV prog ! Why is that ?


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                            There is an herb called "valerian" (which is some kind of valium precursor) that helps me get to sleep.


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                              I don't have trouble getting to sleep initially but it's not unusual for me to waken up more than five or six times every night. Fatigue is a real problem for me and it affects my social life and employment quite a bit - I never work overtime or late shifts as I'm constantly knackered. I've tried St. John's Wort which is a herb that's supposed to be an anti depressant but it seems to help a bit with alleviating insomnia as well.
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