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Diabetics cured with stem-cell treatment

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  • Diabetics cured with stem-cell treatment

    Obviously embryonic stem-cell research is controversial, but this is an interesting outcome in a study concerning Type I diabetes.

    Diabetics cured by stem-cell treatment
    David Rose

    Diabetics using stem-cell therapy have been able to stop taking insulin injections for the first time, after their bodies started to produce the hormone naturally again.

    In a breakthrough trial, 15 young patients with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes were given drugs to suppress their immune systems followed by transfusions of stem cells drawn from their own blood.

    The results show that insulin-dependent diabetics can be freed from reliance on needles by an injection of their own stem cells. The therapy could signal a revolution in the treatment of the condition, which affects more than 300,000 Britons.

    People with type 1 diabetes have to give themselves regular injections to control blood-sugar levels, as their ability to create the hormone naturally is destroyed by an immune disorder.

    All but two of the volunteers in the trial, details of which are published today in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), do not need daily insulin injections up to three years after stopping their treatment regimes.

    Full article here:
    Diabetics cured by stem-cell treatment-Life & Style-Health-TimesOnline
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    Very Good articlel

    Thanks for sharig.........


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      Diabetes can also be cured by Metaformin dosage.

      Metformin(Glucophage) is used in type 2 diabetes treatment. Metformin action in diabetes treatment is linked with metformin diet and metformin ingredients. Metformin reduce blood sugar levels, curing diabetes. Metformin ingredients work to reduce the amount of glucose produced by our livers and the amount of glucose absorbed through the stomach.

      Insulin is the harmone produced by the pancreas that reduces the glucose levels produced by our liver. Insulin is also instrumental in removing glucose from the blood my muscle and fat tissues which burn glucose for energy. When this level of insulin depletes and the amount produced slows down,diabetes occurs.

      Some drugs which are used for diabetes treatment lowers the glucose (sugar) level by means of increasing the level of insulin in the blood which reduce the glucose level in the blood.

      But Metformin doesn’t reduce the availability of glucose in the body and doesn’t affect the level of insulin. It acts by making the receptors more sensitive to insulin which means available glucose is utilized more effectively. Metformin action also increases the sensitivity of the hypothalamus and peripheral tissues to the effects of insulin. In effect, it rejuvenates this response, restoring the effects of glucose and insulin to much younger physiological levels. Scientific tests show that using metformin reduces the complications linked to diabetes such as heart disease, blindness and kidney disease.
      A regular dosage of Metformin for people over 40 years of age is 500mg to 850mg up to three times a day. The best diet for metformin – as with every supplement and for a sound overall health plan – is varied and balanced: plenty of fruit and vegetables and low to moderate amounts of foods high in fat and sugar. The effect of metformin on low sugar diets is that it helps control cravings for foods high in carbohydrate and sugar, so it’s actively recommended in this case. Metformin also has the ability to help avoid a blood clot, possessing properties that help avoid a hardening of the arteries that can in turn lead to a heart attack.

      For more information: Plz visit Metformin: Reduce Blood Sugar Levels


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        Type 2 diabetes can be cured through diet in 2 weeks.

        Raw organic fruits and vegetables.


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          Originally posted by Henry Smith View Post
          Raw organic fruits and vegetables.
          Can you please expand as to how this is supposed to happen ?


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            I have heard of two known cures for diabetes. One is camel's milk and the other is the gastric by-pass procedure.

            Camel's milk is tough to get in Texas but I have two relatives that have had the gastric by-pass. No more diabetes, no more cholesterol issues and no more high blood pressure issues. They both look great having lost many many pounds.

            I have diabetes and neither of these options look good to me.
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