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  • Aloe vera

    Hi,does anybody know something 'bout Aloe Vera?I heard much about this plant and the healing chances in combination with medicals .
    what do you know about?

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    Not sure what you're wanting to heal exactly, but I live in a warm climate and have an aloe vera plant to use often on sunburn/sun irritation. It's also helpful on minor burns such as from touching a hot skillet, in conjunction with antibiotic cream for cuts, and on some insect bites such as fireants or mosquitos. There might be other uses, these are just the ones I like to use it for.
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      Hi I was given one small leaf a few years ago, and put it in the window of my kitchen , it is the only plant that has never died for me.

      i only water it when i remember , but that's what it seems to like
      i haven't used it yet, as i am afraid it may die if i cut a leaf off it

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        It is useful for minor skin irritation, acne/conditioning use & the like, also some health drinks use the jiuce but its effectiveness is more questionable.

        Some people can be quite violently allergic to it tho so you do need to test a small bit of skin first. I'm one & even the likes of an aloe-impregnated tissue can irritate & burn my skin quite badly.


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          I always make a point of buying some pure Aloe Vera gel if I'm in Tenerife or Mallorca, and keep it in the fridge. The stuff is amazing. Helps with burns bites stings, dry skin, eczema, stretch marks (not that I have any!) and a dozen other things.
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            try this link: Aloe vera - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

            This explains all about aloe vera.