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Anyone here ever try a pH diet?

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    Yes, it's certainly true that what is considered the "best" diet continually changes. But i have found that two things help me cut through a lot of the hype that's out there. 1) I always look at if the proponent of the diet has money to make, and if so, how. A good example is when the old 4-class food categories - meat, dairy, grains, vegetables - was put forth. The only reason dairy was stressed so greatly in the diet, and no alternative given for a non-dairy version, was because the idea was started by the American Dairy Council. Snicker! ALWAYS trace the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And don't think the FDA can't be bought, either!

    And 2) I'm betting that the healthiest, safest diets are going to be the ones that are most similar to our natural diet... basically the "caveman" diet... i.e. organic, unprocessed foods, low sweets, a modest portion of lean meats and fish, mostly fruits and vegies, nuts, beans, perhaps some grains and dairy. I'm guessing this for several reasons, but one of them is in studying longevity and health world-wide, they have found that the longest living populations have either this diet or close to it. Some may not eat any meat, some eat more whole grains and dairy, some eat sweets but faaaaaaaaar less then we do in Europe and America... otherwise their diet is very close. Another reason is the proponents of the anti-cancer diet stress reducing free radicals (by eating vegetables raw or minimally cooked) and increasing anti-oxidants and phyto-chemicals and nutrients. This means a lot more fresh vegetables and less processed foods, sugars, white flour and white rice, and fillers. And the proponents of the Ph diet i believe have shown that the body is far more resistant to disease when it's Ph is at certain levels (avoiding processed foods, sugars, etc). This is backed up from completely seperate sources of what we know now about how diets effect diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.


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      I've heard that kind of "Cave man"-diet before and it makes sense!


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        Is anyone making a New Year's resolution to change their eating habits? Maybe we can encourage eachother or even keep an online food log.

        I'm starting today with a bad habit... hahahahha.... coffee with lots of cream and sugar!

        Hey, has anyone done juicing?