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Benefits of Doanting

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  • Benefits of Doanting

    Along with being the gift that goes on giving, donating blood also has benefits for the donor. Iron levels will be decreased after a donation, possibly decreasing your risk of a heart attack. During the donation , you'll have your blood pressure checked and you'll be told your blood type. (Did you know that TOO MUCH iron is unhealthy? Donating blood is ONE way of lowerinng the amount of iron in your bloodstream.)

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    I presume you mean DoNATING in the title?


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      I came in here to find out what doanting was..



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        I used to donate blood every 60 days before I got a wee sick.. but now I have been starting again. I will donate again on the 29th of August. They send the bloodbanks to work.. We get cookies


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          LOL...yes!! "doanting" is donating with a type-o...! It seems that I make more mistakes (and don't correct them when I use different computers in this lab...bear with me!! ! Who knows...I just may come-up with some new word! ...and, it all started on!! Let me correct that---the ORIGINAL post was MEANT to be about DONATING BLOOD; now, are we all "on the same page"?


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            And it IS good, 'cos they give you tea and biscuits!

            Mercenary. moi?

            And, oops, I have not donated blood for quite a while, so I suppose this is a handy reminder, and I also suppose I am currently living in that quaint wee German village of Bad Karma.


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              For all this 'blood doanting'---I can't give any!! The veins in my body are just too small; actually, if the blood centers used needles designed for children, I could. However, most don't, so I get turned away. Frustrating...


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                Sad Texasmujer. You'll just need to find a terribly "equal opportunites" blood donation centre that is open-minded enough to employ a vampire on its staff.


                Really, but why not?


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                  lol @ celyn..

                  I think I would run away from the Vampire..


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                    Vampires...or, leeches...take your pick!!