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Laugher is The Best Medicine

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  • Laugher is The Best Medicine

    Laughter increases feelings of control and encourages an optimistic outlook. Laughter symbolizes positive emotions---faith, hope, and playfullness, as well as determination and purpose. It is a powerful biochemical drug. Studies show that laughter stimulates the immune system and offsets stress. It releases endorphins---the body's natural analgesic.

    Negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt make people feel hoprless, helpless, and worthless. They have a negative effect on our body, mind and spirit by affecting our body's chemistry. Taking life less serioulsly and, at the same time, taking conscious control of how you decide to think will allow you to have peace of mind and a life worth living, which is pricelsess.

    Here is a piece of psychological research that you can esily produce when you feel down, sad or depressed:
    Simply smile at yourself for a full five minutes.
    It is probably the last thing you feel like doing,
    and you may find it feels strange. But, if you per-
    severe, you will find that the smile becomes sincere---
    perhaps because the thought of what a dumb thing it is
    to do, and how silly you must look grinning at your
    self when there is nothing to grin about.

    Why does this work? Because mind and body are part of the same system. What affects one affects the other. By making a small change in your body and smiling, you are able to make the corresponding change in your emotions. The saying, "Fake it till you make it" never sounded do true.

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    [i]I am in TOTAL agreement with you here