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  • Veggies: steamed: broccoli

    Certain cooking methods could be bad for your broccoli.

    Zapping broccoli in the microwave may destroy up to 97 percent of its flavonoids, a recent study concludes. Boiling broccoli can lead to a loss of nutirents as well. Lightly steaming the veggie appears best for retaining the highest level of nutrients possible.

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    Lightly steaming broccoli releases the maximum amount of sulforaphane---a potent cancer-fighting compound. Ssteaming also works well with other sources of sulforaphane too, such as cauliflower, cabbage, and brussels sprouts. Sorry---microwaving produces uneven temperatures that can decrese sulforaphane amounts.


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      Then, be sure to add a little butter or healthy fat to eat with that steamed broccoli; many of its nutrients are fat soluble and won't be absorbed if fat isn't consumed in conjunction.

      BTW, I had some WONDERFUL steamed broccoli recently at Tokyo Joe's. It's a chain in the Denver area that I'm crazy about!



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        Hey guys, i have a tip for steaming broccoli and asparagus....

        most people cut off a couple inches from the stems because they are woody... but you can instead take a potato peeler or a knife and shave them, and then with the broccoli, slice it. Once you have it peeled, steamed broccoli stems are much like water chestnuts... yum! And the asparagus stems are nice and tender underneath, too.


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          ...I never thought about the stems...sounds like a great idea!


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            Great idea, HollyElise!