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    When you start a new diet, your biggest challenge may be in the first few weeks of calorie cutting. One trick: Chart your progress by blocking off a 2-week period on your calendar, and slash an X through each day that your weight loss plan stays on track. Then take time to relish your progress.

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    In the last year I've lost a total of 40 pounds, and I did it two different ways. The first 15 pounds lost were from calorie cutting. It was hard work, but the results were fairly quick; I lost that 15 in about 2 months. The problem with this was that I lost lean mass as well as fat and 15 pounds equaled only one dress size. Then I plateau'd for the next several months.

    So in August, I started supplementing my diet with whole food fruit & vegetable concentrates, and I began losing much more fat than muscle. I wasn't calorie cutting, but I also wasn't craving junk (because I was finally getting some real nutrition). The weight loss this way was much slower: 20 pounds in 8 months. But this 20 pounds has equaled four dress sizes. So, in addition to exercise, I'd recommend a balanced diet, including LOTS of fruits and veggies, rather than calorie cutting - depending on whether you want to lose fat vs. losing both muscle & fat.


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      Duh! My totals don't add up to 40, do they? That's because I've lost 35 pounds! (I've got 40 on the brain... that birthday is approaching.) LOL


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        Either way, that's significant weightloss!! Congratulations!! That is SO COOL---I admire your determination. SO COOL!