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    TLC (Tender Loving Care) for hips---If you or someone you know has frail bones, look into a hip protector. A report in the American Journal of Nursing reveals that wearing one of those padded undergarments reduces the risk of hip fracture by at least 60%.

    ANOTHER REASON TO FLOSS---It helps lower the risk of pneumonia, new University of Buffalo research shows. Turns out, dental plaque harbors germs that can be inhaled into the lungs and lead to the potentially fatal fidease, which is most common among people age 65 or older.

    THE UPSIDE OF GOING DOWNHILL---Obese people who find normal exercise too strenuous may get surprising benefits from simply taking a stroll downhill. Australian researchers discovered that walking downhill significantly lowers blood glucose levels and, therefore, the risk of diabetes.

    HELP FOR ACHY KNEES---Adding acupuncture to whatever medication your doctor advises can reduce pain and improve movement in your knees by as much as 45%, according to a new University of Maryland School of Medicine study.