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    As the summer sun begins to heat up your exercise habits, be sure to let your body adjust to your new workout temperature gradually.

    People who are not used to exercising in hot weather are at greater risk of developing heat stroke. Allow your body to get accustomed to warmer workouts gradually by emgaging in only moderately difficult activities during midday for a few weeks. Save hard workouts for the cooler mornings or evenings.

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    Originally posted by Texasmujer
    As the summer sun begins to heat up ............
    summer sun?
    summer sun?

    Um, have you been overdoing things lately?

    LOL - i'ts okay, keep calm. That's it - just put the keyboard down and walk away slowly..............

    I've heard of forward planning, but..............!

    It's not summer here and my cardigan is my friend!


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      Well, you know...I thought that bit of info was hurrying things a bit...but, then, I'm so compulsive, that I just forwarded it---OH, MY GOD...PLEASE don't kill the messenger...


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        Getting a chuckle about your summer exercise It is -16c and getting colder Monday and Tuesday.
        Mind you if you live in Auz probably good advice.